Friday, August 17, 2007

Visiting YouTube

I wandered through YouTube categories and did a few broad searches.

Roving librarian was not successful.

Video on customer service tenets used in a college tech shop were well done:

Where in Google Earth is Matt was a nice spin on a travel video:

This may have some potential as another resource for patrons interested in travel.

Not sure how to turn the title into a live link? It should be obvious but it's not to me.

Web 2.0 Award Possibilities

Find these good to browse through and better for going back when I have more time to look at.

Used a health website, asked a question & got a very detailed answer from a reputable site (Mayo Health Clinic).

I was looking for other wiki sites to try and found them here: wetpaint, ottowiki, and stikipad - will go back and see if they can help us with a better look for our NT wiki and potentially others. Also have referred them to another NT member.

Zoho - see this as a possible bookmark for the public library pc's. They can travel anywhere and find their documents without having to keep them on a floppy or flash drive.

Google organization - Someone suggested Google calendar as a possibility for meeting rooms. Worth another look.

Truly I feel Web 2 awards - this grouping of sites - has the most potential for finding usage in libraries.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

23 Things a la Zoho

The work on 23 Things has been fun, uneven at times, sometimes intimidating, but above all an opportunity to learn.  It has been truly a discovery tool.  Whether all of these pieces are library related is not for sure, but people are using them and that part is good to know.


What I liked best:

  • Podcast and video tools for learning about a new concept.  Short, direct and to the point, these tools get the message across very effectively.  Would recommend them to everyone.
  • Technorati - I have a sticky on my monitor to check it every day.  Have I done that in the last 3 days?  No, but I will - and it is a great way to see what the top blogs are actually blogging about.
  • Wikis - The explanation was helpful.
  • Blogs - Helped refine my sense of where we might go with either blogs or wikis.

That's all for now.

Week 7 - Wikis

Good basics about wikis though I’m really looking for other sources than pbwiki to use for AACPL wikis – what we’re really looking for are other wiki “farms.” The Rochester wiki was different in that it was a whole community wiki.
Liked the answer to why use a wiki? It’s a web-based place to organize your thoughts, one particular subject, etc.
Would we benefit from a few basic wikis addressing some frequently asked for subject area? What about the R/A training – for the public TO ADD TO.
Love the general tips for a library 2.0 program - Oregon Library Instruction Program. How about 15 minutes a day for new tech? – at least for some of us – that’s the Oregon model.
Want to try “Wet Paint” and “WikiSpaces”
A lot more interest here in a subject I feel has potential and I've explored before.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 6 Tagging, Folksonomy & Technorati

Tagging - I'll try it!

Technorati - a directory of blogs - how librarianish it seems. I did find this helpful to see all or many of the blogs in one place. From a personal point of view Adrianna Huffington and her blog is often in the news. I looked around when Karl Rove's resignation had just come into the news. A lot of fun.

The search for Learning 2.0 led me to Lucy's postings - another 23 things person. Enjoyed her comments and was motivated to respond because I found her there. The Technorati video was very helpful as have other videos on RSS etc I've viewed.

I've now got some Favorites on Technorati.

Library 2.0 - Michael Stephens piece was motivating. He's practical and offers suggestions that seem realistic.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Library Thing

LibraryThing is a great source - I love what you can do with it.

I could see getting lost here - that old technology (print) still has appeal.

Week of July 23 Image Generator - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

How sweet it is! This was fun.